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a stanza or poem of four lines, esp one having alternate rhymes



an individual stanza of four lines. The rhyming pattern in a quatrain is abab (alternating rhyme), aabb (plain rhyme), or abba (enclosing rhyme). Persian poetry and its imitations use the form aaba, and less frequently, aaaa.

The quatrain is used for inscriptions, epitaphs, epigrams, and apothegms. The four-line stanzas of sonnets are also called quatrains. The following poem by F. I. Tiutchev is an example of a quatrain as an independent verse:

Nam ne dano preduagadat’
Kak slovo nashe otzovetsia—
I nam sochuvstvie daetsia,
kak nam daetsia blagodaV …
We are not given to foresee
What reaction our words will cause—
So we are given sympathy
As if we were given divine grace….

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The first sonnet of the sequence attributed to the Countess of Oxford opens with a quatrain which I cannot trace to Desportes, but the remainder of the poem is taken from lines five to fourteen of Desportes' second epitaph to Francois Louis de Maugiron, a favourite of Henri III:
Take the quatrain that first slashed through my cloak of cynicism with a dagger of plausibility as I flicked through satellite's documentary channel ghetto on a rare night not occupied by Nazi-porn.
Here is how it is done: Say that the rhyme-words at the ends of the four lines of a bipalindromic rhyming quatrain are, in order, (1) Able, (2) Brew, (3) Cable and (4) Drew; here are the eight ways in which the lines those words represent can be reordered to create eight different true RETEP quatrains:
Many layers of contemporary Western culture are skewered by these quatrains of common meter, a form that puts one in mind of Dickinson.
In a similar manner, the conjunctive adverb "Then" in line nine that naturally connects the adverbial clauses in the first eight lines and the main clauses in the third quatrain, and the coordinating conjunction "And" in line thirteen that tightly combines the third quatrains with the ending couplets, all also serve as strong transitional words that naturally, logically and effectively unify the poems as outstanding works of art.
followed by three uniform sections corresponding to quatrains, with a
The following two quatrains divide Nostradamaticians - yes, that's a thing - who think variously it is about the USA joining in two World Wars, Napoleon's serial small-man-syndrome attempts to smash the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a Biblical End of Days Armageddon sparked by fundamentalists in the White House.
Then, in the second and third quatrains, as the poet wakes from his dream, there is a reintegration of the divided poet into one single self where the (irrational) self dominates over the (rational) subject.
More Quatrains from Harp Lake" held the same promise: the lines are pentameter rather than the tetrameter of almost all popular lyrics, but the sentences are relatively simple, and on the page the discrete, four-line blocks look "settable to music (as so few of my poems seem to be).
The Folger and College of Arms fragments differ from de Worde's other primers in their incorporation of English quatrains before each of the Hours of the Virgin and Short Hours of the Cross.
to any increase in the number of Persian scholars, but to the fact that the existing translation harmonises with a special phase of modern thought," commented the reviewer, diligently comparing individual quatrains to their Persian originals (Cadell, p.
Though his poetic statues is much inferior than his scientific one, high concepts and meanings that remained in the form of a limited few quatrains, they made him unclaimed and his scientific authority undermined by his poetic statues.