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Corel hasn't done much with Quattro Pro, Presentations, or Lightning this time around; all three applications are full-featured, but recent versions of Excel and PowerPoint have pulled way ahead in making it easy to add spiffy graphics, and Lightning isn't keeping up with OneNote features such as SideNote, which lets you add content even when the full application isn't open.
Novell acquired WordPerfect and Quattro Pro in 1994.
Since change in absorbance per minute is the slope of each individual line on the graphs, the Quattro Pro program was used to obtain the slope of each line by means of regression analysis.
Excel, Quattro Pro, QuickBooks, and an Excel 2000 spreadsheet file viewer can also be downloaded here.
The latest Quattro Pro spreadsheet provides a wizard that assists the user in creating crosstabs on the worksheet.
The spreadsheet shown in Table 1 was prepared using Quattro Pro.
One particularly nice feature is a push-button that can automatically transfer a cross-tab of frequency-distribution table into an active Excel, Lotus or Quattro Pro spreadsheet, without the need to export the file or cut-and-paste the data.
* There was a tight three-way race in terms of spreadsheet programs: Excel was used in 16.8 percent of the newsrooms, Lotus 1-2-3 in 16.3 percent, and Quattro Pro by 13 percent.
Its interface makes client tracking easy; it works great within Perfect Office, which includes Quattro Pro, Presentations, Envoy and WordPerfect.
PerfectWorks gives users the ability to import their files to many business applications on the market, including Quattro Pro, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and graphics programs.
I was bemoaning the non-existence of a database program with functioning spreadsheets as records when my colleague in Serials Acquisitions, Joan Luke Stephens, mentioned that she thought the spreadsheet program, Quattro Pro, had a feature that might do: it can link separate spreadsheets through formulas, thus providing a kind of three dimensionality.
Barbee uses Quattro Pro for Windows for this purpose.