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Michael Maguire, prosecuting, said: "Mr Quayle saw a male enter the shop with his face covered by a scarf, and a crossbow in his hand, saying 'gie me all the money in the shop'.
RF Code, a provider of real-time physical asset management and environmental monitoring solutions for data centres, revealed on Wednesday that veteran technology executive Dale Quayle joins the company as its new CEO.
Mr Quayle says they have contacted the council, the police and his local councillor for help, yet the issue has not been resolved.
Houlihan Lokey, Inc., a global investment bank, has announced that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Quayle Munro Limited, an independent advisory firm that provides corporate finance advisory services to companies underpinned by data & analytics, content, software, and services, the company said.
The Quayle Munro business adds a new capability in data and analytics, expands Houlihan Lokey's financial institutions focus in Europe, and builds the firm's presence in financial technology and education.
In the trailer for the next episode, Clare apologizes to Quayle for everything she's done to him, but suggests that she, too, is a victim.
He said: "Quayle entered the shop and, with an outstretched left hand, touched her on the bottom.
On the occasion, Chief Minister Howard Quayle appreciated special interest of Asad Qaiser in local government system, education, tourism and police reforms of Isle of Man and extended his full cooperation to him in relevant fields.
The Chief Minister Howard Quayle appreciated the special interest of KP Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser in local government system, education, tourism and police reforms of Isle of Man and assured full cooperation in all relevant fields to KP government.
"They wanted to go in a new direction for 'Freak Show,' " says Quayle, referring to the anthology series' latest season, which debuted in October 2014.
Director David Quayle said: "It is always worthwhile checking your agreement; often apparatus has been changed over the years, and documentation has not always followed.
The firm's bosses include former US Vice President Dan Quayle.