Queen's Day

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Queen's Day (England)

November 17
This is the day on which Queen Elizabeth I ascended to the throne in 1558 upon the death of her sister, Queen Mary I. Often referred to as the Virgin Queen because she never married, Elizabeth reigned for 44 years—a period that came to be known as the Elizabethan Age because it marked England's rise as a major European power in commerce, politics, and the arts.
The anniversary of her coronation was celebrated for more than 300 years after her reign ended, primarily as a holiday for those working in government offices. After the Gunpowder Plot was exposed in 1605, two years following Elizabeth's death, the day was marked by anti-papal demonstrations, which included burning the pope in effigy. Queen Elizabeth's Day eventually merged with the celebration of Guy Fawkes Day.
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She chose Queen's Day to sign the Abdication Act in the Royal Palace, on Amsterdam's Dam Square.
Queen's Day celebrations around the rest of Holland were cancelled after the tragedy.
Continuing the club's successes is 15-year-old Sarah Stretton, who has been chosen to receive a day's training with top international three-day eventer Anne Marie Taylor and five children who will be going to the Queen's Day Polo Tournament backed by Cartier Jewellers.
Queens's major focus aims at the June 3 annual event called the Queen's Day Fair held in the old World's Fair site of Flushing Meadow Park.
And on Queen's Day, April 30, 2009, the nation was plunged into shock when a man ploughed his car into festivalgoers in the central city of Apeldoorn, narrowly missing an open bus transporting Beatrix and members of her family.
recaps the best moments from the Queen's day in Nottingham.
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands marked the Dutch national holiday - Queen's Day -with a series of events in April and May.
For example, in the Netherlands it is worn with pride and on occasions such as Queen's Day, the streets are awash with merchandise in this hue.
Queen Beatrix of Holland - a car was driven at a bus carrying the queen during a Queen's Day parade.
Thousands of people had turned out to greet the royal family at noon as they drove through Apeldoorn on Queen's Day, a national holiday.