queen anne’s lace

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Wild carrots almost identical to grocery carrots. Best source of beta carotene (vit A), for eyes, lungs and throat cancer, removing toxins and heavy metals. Carrot juice helps with almost all skin problems and complexion. Most of the nutrition is IN THE GREEN part on top- not the root ! We eat the root because it's starch and sugar and tastes better, but animals don't eat the root- they eat the greens- they know better. For example - the root part has 33 parts of vitamin A , whereas the green part has over 6000 parts of vitamin A!!! Carrot greens are also used for parasites and worms. Seeds are used for gas. Carrots are rich in potassium, which helps prevent muscles from sagging and wipes away the tired and washed out look from the face. Throw the green part in a blender !!! Green stems high in vitamins (good for summer), root high in minerals (good for winter). If you juice the root- make sure to mix it with the juice of any leafy greens otherwise you will be taking in too much concentrated sugar.
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