Queen Charlotte Islands

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Queen Charlotte Islands,

archipelago of several large and many small islands, off the coast of W British Columbia, Canada. The main islands are Graham and Moresby. Masset on Graham Island is the main settlement. About 2,000 of the Islands' 5,700 inhabitants are Haida, a native people whose ancient village, Ninstints, on Skungwai Island, was named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. There are valuable timber and fishing resources and several good harbors. The Islands attract many scientists and tourists because they escaped glaciation, making them a biologically unique area in Canada. The archipelago was visited in 1774 by Juan Pérez and in 1778 by Capt. James Cook; in 1787 it was surveyed by Capt. George Dixon. Hecate Strait separates it from the mainland; Dixon Entrance lies between it and Alaska to the north; and Queen Charlotte Sound separates it from Vancouver Island to the south.

Queen Charlotte Islands


an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, off the Canadian coast. It includes the islands of Graham, Moresby, Louise, Lyell, and Kunghit and covers an area of 10,282 sq km. The island group belongs to the outer chain of the Canadian Cordilleras, part of which is submerged. The western coasts of the islands are mountainous and fjorded, rising to an elevation of 1250 m. In the northeast there is a broad lowland into which the Masset Inlet deeply penetrates. The climate is mild and very humid. Coniferous forests cover the islands. There are deposits of coal.

Logging and fishing are the major industries. The population totals approximately 3,000 (1965), about 1,000 of it consisting of Indians on reservations. The largest community is the village of Queen Charlotte. The archipelago was discovered and put on the map in 1774 by the Spanish expedition of J. Perez; it was later named in honor of the British queen by G. Vancouver.

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ABSTRACT Growth and natural mortality rates (M) of the red sea urchin (RSU), Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, were estimated based on tetracycline tagging studies and abundante surveys in Queen Charlotte Islands (QCI), Price Island (PI), Alert Bay (AB), and Tofino, British Columbia.
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NEARLY A YEAR OF PLANNING had gone into our trip on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
The powerful earthquake hit the Queen Charlotte Islands on Saturday.
According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the quake struck the Queen Charlotte Islands at 08.
Geological Survey said the powerful temblor hit the Queen Charlotte Islands just after 8 p.
The earthquake's epicenter was 198 km south-west of the port city of Prince Rupert, in the area of the Queen Charlotte Islands, and at a depth of 10 km.
7 magnitude quake shook the Queen Charlotte Islands off the West coast of Canada, AFP reported.
Instead, the quake struck about 139 kilometers (86 miles) south of Masset, on British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands.
Because the western-most of our two fighter bases is located on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, the CF-18s are simply too far away, so the Americans scrambled two F-15s from Portland, Oregon to intercept the airliner over the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Spawning occurs primarily only in odd years in the Fraser River drainage, mainly in even years on the Queen Charlotte Islands, and in both years in central and northern coastal areas of British Columbia (Neave, 1952).
The islands known as the Queen Charlotte Islands and Iles de la Reine Charlotte are renamed Haida Gwaii in both languages.