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Nonostante l'edizione critica di Bettarini e Contini e quella di Zampa varino appena nei contenuti (il libro di Zampa ha una piu grande sezione di "Poesie disperse"), entrambe comprendono quasi tutte le poesie di Montale, poiche escludono quelle pubblicate dopo la morte del poeta.
En se basant sur ces connaissances, vous pouvez, vous et vos etudiants, decider quelle est l'action a adopter.
Quelle Austria's liquidator, Erhard Hackl, said the equipment and clothing would be sold via the Internet or in local Quelle shops.
As we go to press, his latest film is making its debut at Cannes, under the title Et la-bas, quelle heure est-il?
Guido Quelle has the answers to their questions and has now gone one step further by presenting his successful German-language management book "Profitabel wachsen" in an English edition.
Un dialogue global sur l'etat de la culture et sur ses activites: theatre, cinema, ecriture ou n'importe quelle forme de creativite, a ete mene.
ADPnews) - Nov 6, 2009 - Quelle Austria will have to file for receivership after all the attempts for the rescue of its parent, German mail-order group Quelle, had failed and thus another 1,100 employees may lose their jobs.
Micky Fenton had a fruitless trip to Dresden yesterday, as his mount Quelle Amore finished sixth of eight behind Waleria in the Listed BMW Sachsen Preis.
Report rating: Quelle surprise, a straight A for Audrey.
50) After all, the following year Francesco II expressed his satisfaction on his wife's forthcoming trip to Rome, sympathetically noting that "Piaceni che Sua Signoria habbi ritrovato pasto conveniente a l'ingegno suo in contemplare quelle antiquita, cosa di che sempre la s'e delettato molto.
Quelle est la place de l'amazighite dans ses œuvres ?