Queloz, Didier Patrick

Queloz, Didier Patrick,

1966–, Swiss astronomer, Ph.D. Univ. of Geneva, 1995. He has been a member of the faculty at the Univ. of Geneva since 2003 (professor from 2008) and since 2013 also has been a professor at Cambridge. Queloz was jointly awarded half of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics along with Michel MayorMayor, Michel Gustave Edward,
1942–, Swiss astrophysicist, Ph.D. Univ. of Geneva, 1971. He spent his entire career at the Univ. of Geneva, retiring as professor emeritus in 2007.
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 for their discovery in 1995 of the first exoplanet found orbiting a sunlike star; they shared the prized with James PeeblesPeebles, Phillip James Edwin,
1935–, Canadian-American astrophysicist and cosmologist, b. Winnipeg, Man., Ph.D. Princeton, 1962. He spent his entire career as a researcher at Princeton, becoming a full professor in 1972 (emeritus from 2000).
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, who received it for his work in cosmology. Queloz and Mayor, his graduate adviser, used Doppler spectroscopy (see planetary systemplanetary system,
a star and all the celestial bodies bound to it by gravity, especially planets and their natural satellites. Until the last decade of the 20th cent., the only planetary system known was the solar system, which comprises the sun and the surrounding planets,
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) to identify a Jupiter-sized planet in a close orbit around 51 Pegasi. This discovery and other subsequent discoveries of exoplanets altered the understanding of planetary systems and their formation.
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