Quick Sketch

Sketch, Quick


an improvised sketch of varying degrees of completion. The term “quick sketch” is generally applied to graphic art. The most commonly seen examples are pen drawings and etchings. Quick sketches are often found in the margins of hand-written books and the manuscripts of writers and scholars (for example, the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci and A. S. Pushkin).

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4 SKETCH I didn't buy this, but on my birthday my artist mate Onno Lolkema sent me a quick sketch he'd done of my face.
Do a quick sketch of the main parts of a hamburger on the board: a bun, a hamburger patty, lettuce, and a tomato slice.
The beginning of any one of my works is a quick sketch or snap shot - often paintings made from a few quick lines filled with colour to help bring to life the experience of being at that place and finished with a pen line," he says.
In some cases, Craven adds a quick sketch of the companion work.
That's followed by a quick sketch of a platoon of naval cadets marching on the parade ground.
A lot of times a rough quick sketch ends up having raw energy and strength that cannot be easily recreated in a finished piece.
As well as the iconic stripes, the train was embellished with a quick sketch and signature Gaultier added in front of crowds of photographers.
You may be on the run with only your mobile phone or maybe a tablet to make a quick sketch or to type that next Pulitzer-winning article.
The notion of a 24-hour comic challenge came about when McCloud was at a comics convention and ran into another comic artist who was making a quick sketch for a fan.
After collecting some data and making a quick sketch, I asked to see the installation and operation manual.
In the final essay, in which Haas provides a quick sketch of President Obama, there are far too many errors, some minor, some humorous.