Quick Sketch

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Sketch, Quick


an improvised sketch of varying degrees of completion. The term “quick sketch” is generally applied to graphic art. The most commonly seen examples are pen drawings and etchings. Quick sketches are often found in the margins of hand-written books and the manuscripts of writers and scholars (for example, the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci and A. S. Pushkin).

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He made a quick sketch and painted the picture from his drawing.
``The finished image can reflect the starting point whether it was a quick sketch, as for From the Hugh Owen Library, or a watercolour as for Craigyfulfran.
Something about them strikes a chord, and you make a quick sketch on a napkin.
Blurry pencil drawings embellish the text, often illustrating characters in it or supporting the story line, as with a quick sketch of Lunan's childhood home or one of her primary school teacher, who played an important role in her life.
Make a loaf of bread, do a quick sketch or record the opening lines of a song.
Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tourism Bureau, China Airlines noted that the winning project was inspired by a foreign designer who expressed his affection for the figure of Techno Prince and made a quick sketch of a float idea on a napkin, wrote the report.
Art students from Wirral Met College will be doing quick sketch portraits, and visitors can contribute to a giant "collabro-doodle".
It was, as all good things often are, a very quick sketch. It has, for some reason, touched many people throughout the world, and became the seed from which our brand flourished.
4 SKETCH I didn't buy this, but on my birthday my artist mate Onno Lolkema sent me a quick sketch he'd done of my face.
Do a quick sketch of the main parts of a hamburger on the board: a bun, a hamburger patty, lettuce, and a tomato slice.
A white, chalklike line on the black ground constructs the bodies of the women, suggesting a quick sketch in contrast with the more detailed quality of their colorfully painted faces.
That's followed by a quick sketch of a platoon of naval cadets marching on the parade ground.