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in U.S. political history, an extreme states' rights group of Jeffersonian Republicans led by John RandolphRandolph, John,
1773–1833, American legislator, known as John Randolph of Roanoke, b. Prince George co., Va. He briefly studied law under his cousin Edmund Randolph. He served in the U.S.
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 of Virginia. Feeling that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had retreated from the states' rights position they had taken in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and that they had in fact become nationalists, the Quids tried to deprive Madison of the Democratic-Republican presidential nomination in 1808. Their candidate, James Monroe, however, received sizable support only in Virginia, and Jefferson's prestige secured Madison's nomination.
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Floyd, made the one remark of his that need be quoted: he offered to toss Freddy for Miss Bartlett's quid.
Morrel," said he, again turning his quid, "as for that" --
To commence with," Slim answered, "there were forty fat pigs, each worth a fathom of prime shell-money, and shell-money worth a quid a fathom.
He put the whip back in its socket, took his foot from the dashboard, pushed his hat back, blew his quid of tobacco into the road, and having thus cleared his mental decks for action, he took his first good look at the passenger, a look which she met with a grave, childlike stare of friendly curiosity.
However, we two were hard up; and what's five quid to him--once in sixteen hard years?
Yes, sir," said the fellow who with a quid of tobacco bulging out his left cheek kept his eyes on the compass card.
Queer old buster, old Nutcombe, leaving a fellow he hardly knew from Adam a cool million quid just because he cured him of slicing.
Angela and Quids In II were drawn as the last combination to go in the jump-off and they used this to their advantage as they knew that only a fast clear round would do.
Quids In Theatre Company Director Chris Begg said of the show: "As is natural, many conceptions have grown up about Burns over the centuries since his death.
YOU might think that writing a song for the winner of an X Factor-style show would earn you a few quid.
Mark Hird, a director of Tavistock Leisure, which owns the Quids Inns chain, said: "We've owned the football club for two years and realised in that time that we'd like to use the land for special events.