Quintus Mucius Scaevola

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Scaevola, Quintus Mucius


(called Pontifex). Born 140 B.C. (?); died 82 B.C. Jurist of the Roman Republic.

Scaevola occupied high government posts: he was consul in Rome in 95 B.C. and proconsul of the Roman province of Asia in 94 B.C. He is famous for De jure civile, an 18-book work on private law. Departing from traditional structure, the work was not a simple commentary on the laws but a series of legal norms systematically arranged as institutiones. Scaevola’s work was the basis for the scholarly treatment of civil law and had a significant effect on the development of Roman law.

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circa 115 B.C.), author of a number of legal works, was considered the founder of the jus civile; Quintus Mucius Scaevola the Pontifex (d.