Quintus Sertorius

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Sertorius, Quintus


Born circa 122 B.C.; died 72 B.C. Roman military commander.

Sertorius fought in the wars against the Cimbri in 105 and the Teutoni in 102 and served as a legate during the Social War (90–88). He supported Marius and Cinna in their struggle against Sulla during the civil wars of 88–82. From 83 to 81 he was Praetor of Hispania Citerior. He made Spain a center of anti-Sullan opposition and, beginning in 81, led a struggle of Iberian tribes against Rome. With the support of the Iberian aristocracy, he united almost all of Spain under his authority and inflicted a series of major defeats on the Roman generals Metel-lus and Pompey the Great. He fought in significant battles at Lauro in 76 and at Saguntum and on the Suero River in 75. Sertorius was murdered as a result of a conspiracy organized by associates who sought reconciliation with Rome.

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