Quotation Marks

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quotation marks

Quotation marks are most commonly used to indicate the exact words that someone else said. This is known as direct speech or direct quotation.
There are two forms of quotation marks: double quotation marks ( “ ” ) and single quotation marks ( ‘ ’ ). American English almost exclusively uses double quotation marks, while British English tends to favor single quotation marks.
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Quotation Marks


paired punctuation marks used in atext to set off direct speech, citations, and titles, as well as wordsand expressions used in an ironic sense or in an unusual meaning.Quotation marks are represented graphically in two forms:guillemets, or French quotation marks (« »), and double com-mas, or German quotation marks („ “). In addition to theseforms, single quotation marks (‘ ’) are sometimes used to denotethe translation of a foreign word—for example, German Tisch, ’table.’

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If the title of one italicized work contains the title of another that would also be italicized, both MLA and APA prefer that the second work appear in plain type (reverse italicization) rather than quotation marks.
At the same time, whether to use quotation marks around a word - a serious word like terrorist at that - especially where information is second-hand and from a tightly controlled official source is an editorial choice.
I index the quotation marks that surround the words I am talking about.
82 (alterations in original) (internal quotation marks omitted).
Callahan, Vaughan and Urhausen took that sentence from the article, placed it in quotation marks, attributed the quotation to The Register-Guard and included it in their official opposition rebuttal.
The launch was put back after officials discovered the software did not recognise pound or euro signs, apostrophes and quotation marks.
Lyrics in quotation marks from "A Day in the Life" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
And he admitted that he "deeply regretted" not using quotation marks to denote copied work.
For example, one of the stories was about a boy with a football-shaped head, and it kept skipping around, it repeated everything that they said twice, and there were no quotation marks at all.
The Davidsonian account, elaborated by Cappelen and Lepore, handles many cases well; but it fails to accommodate a crucial feature of mixed quotation: that the part enclosed in quotation marks is used to specify not what the quoter says when she utters it, but what the quoted speaker says when she utters it.
But Steyn wrote E&P to say: "The use of quotation marks around the phrase 'the white cities' implies that they are my words from my article.
A cell phone offers many inexplicables, always in quotation marks.