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, ancient Bedouin tribe near Mecca to which Muhammad belonged. At one time camel drivers and caravan guides, they became, after acquiring custody of the Kaaba (5th cent.), one of the most powerful tribes in central Arabia and the chief family of Mecca.
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Quraish Shihab is due to his tendency to linguistic meaning rather than asbab al-nuzul.
His style was unique in defending Islam and the Prophet, while attacking Quraish (the main tribe in Makkah opposing the Muslims and leading the pagans) in their ego instead of attacking their beliefs and being idol worshippers, he used to remind them about their lost battles, weak points in terms of lineage and other known sources of dishonour.
The incident took place on Sunday night at a bakery in the Mal Road area of Nowshera town, District Police Officer (DPO), Quraish Khan, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
During those years, the Quraish people hadn't stopped fighting the Muslims and had raised different tribes against them as happened in Al-Khandak Battle in the fifth year of the Higrah.
The assistant undersecretary also noted that the level of the Second Ring Road would be lowered, and a service road would be laid between Hamra Street and the Ibn Abbas and Quraish Streets.
The degree to measure one's level of faithfulness is linked to how close in lineage one is to Prophet Mohamed's Quraish tribe.
As his father had died before his birth, Mohammed was raised by his grandfather and later by his paternal uncle, Abi Talib who for a time was chief of the prominent Hashem clan of the Bani Quraish tribe.
Born in Mecca, a nephew of Mohammed's wife, Zubayr was a member of the Quraish tribe and an early companion of the Prophet; he fled to Medina in Mohammed's footsteps (July?
Lahore Badshah Green 154: (Abdul Quraish & Abdul Raheem 3 wkts each) lost to Watan Pal 155 in 18.
And in Surah Quraish, verse3 (so the people must worship the god of this house (Baitullah) who fed them in hunger and secured them while in fear.
Citing the cause of the battle, historians say, the Quraish of Makkah were returning from Syria and the Prophet (PBUH) sent two of his companions to get news of them.
Head of Jamiat ul Quraish Khursheed Ahmed Qureshi has held Chairman CDA Farkhand Iqbal as responsible for the delay in this project.