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, ancient Bedouin tribe near Mecca to which Muhammad belonged. At one time camel drivers and caravan guides, they became, after acquiring custody of the Kaaba (5th cent.), one of the most powerful tribes in central Arabia and the chief family of Mecca.
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After his death, Quarish called him "the equivalent" because his generosity equaled the generosity of the whole Quraish tribe.
Baghdadi claims descent from the Prophet Muhammad and his Quraish tribe, which is not true, and he asserts that "we are the soldiers in the mission declared by the Prophet".
Seeing the size of this huge army camping on the outskirts of Makkah and knowing their intentions, one of the most respected nobles among the Quraish tribe of Makkah, Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib, the grandfather of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), felt quite helpless.
At the age 25, he took Syeda Khadija as wife; a wealthy merchant of noble birth from the Quraish tribe of Makkah.
Muhammad Mukhtar, 38, from Khoshal Abad village, said he did not know exactly when his family came to Afghanistan, but could trace his lineage back to the Quraish tribe, one of the dominant tribes in Mecca.
The degree to measure one's level of faithfulness is linked to how close in lineage one is to Prophet Mohamed's Quraish tribe.
As his father had died before his birth, Muhammad was raised by his grand-father and later by his paternal uncle, Abu-Taleb who for a time was chief of the Hashem clan of the Quraish tribe.
D, in Makkah where the Prophet (pbuh) was born into the Quraish tribe, which controlled and ruled the city.
Muttalib, a high-ranking chieftain in the Quraish tribe, the dominant tribe in Mecca, was sleeping when a voice ordered him to dig after Zam zam.
For myself, I remember being moved, some years ago, by the story--as told in the feature movie The Message--about the followers of Mohammed who were persecuted by the Quraish tribe in Mecca.
Born into Makkah's Banu Muttalib clan, itself associated with a sister group -- the Banu Hashim from which the Prophet (PBUH) emerged -- that, in turn was part of the larger Quraish tribe, Al ShafiaACAyi's great great grandfather, ShafiaACAy, and the latter's father, Al Sa'ib, were companions of the Prophet (PBUH).
The Prophet Mohammed himself was descended from Hashem the founder of a branch of the Quraish Tribe which still has descendants in the Hejaz.