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, ancient Bedouin tribe near Mecca to which Muhammad belonged. At one time camel drivers and caravan guides, they became, after acquiring custody of the Kaaba (5th cent.), one of the most powerful tribes in central Arabia and the chief family of Mecca.
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During this period he, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, and his followers were confronted with rejection, defiance and even physical harm from Quraysh (his tribe).
The chronological narrative is divided into six parts, subdivided into chapters with evocative titles, often drawn from Arabic lore, such as "The Falcon of the Quraysh" (Abd al-Rahman I).
On the other hand, GAM's report concluded that the heavy downpour exceeded the capacity of the underground drainage system below Quraysh street, adding the system was fully-functioning and that there were no blockages before, during, nor after the February 28th.
The merchant appealed to the Quraysh tribe, which was in power at that time, to help him get justice.
This went against the commercial interests of Quraysh. They wanted hajj to fall in the summer each year, and for this purpose they adopted a method called Nasiee.
Although Sa'd, May Allah Be Pleased with him, was the chief of his people, his position did not protect him from the harm of the Quraysh. After the second 'Aqabah Pledge of Allegiance was over and the Ansaar got ready for the journey of return to Al-Madeenah, the Quraysh learnt about the pledge of allegiance they gave to the Messenger of Allah and their agreement with him on his migration to Al-Madeenah in order to support him against the forces of the Quraysh.
In its first years, the nascent Muslim community in Medina had to contend with a number of attacks and onslaughts by the Quraysh and their allies.
Historical sources say the army of the Quraysh tribe and its allies went to Madinah to kill Muslims and avenge those who died in the Battle of Badr, which took place in the second Hijri year.
Palestine-based Shehab News Agency Facebook page, documenting the moment in which Israeli raids bombarded "Quraysh" location that belongs to Hamas.
Although al-Macarri is renowned for his pessimism and ironic play with the religious and "philosophical" ideas of his day, particularly in his programmatically double-rhymed second diwan, the ironic distance achieved in his Luzumiyya rhymed in--smu, which opens "People will ask, What is Quraysh and what is Mecca?// Just as they now ask, What is Jadis?
(52) At the time, Mecca was controlled by the Quraysh. The Quraysh had previously negotiated a series of agreements amongst tribes to the north and south to open the transportation routes for commerce.
622: In a key battle of the early days of Islam, the Muslims of Medina under Muhammad defeated the Quraysh of Mecca at the Battle of Badr.