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, ancient Bedouin tribe near Mecca to which Muhammad belonged. At one time camel drivers and caravan guides, they became, after acquiring custody of the Kaaba (5th cent.), one of the most powerful tribes in central Arabia and the chief family of Mecca.
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A famous journal Al-Bayan describes this kind of dialogue: "This style of dialogue for living together is seen in the establishment of Islamic state in Madinah when the Holy Prophet made a contract with Jews of Madinah and decided the dispute of Hudaibia with Qureish."35Dialogue for Da'wah: It is very important kind of dialogue and is adopted by the Muslim 'UlamA (Scholars).
He expressed these views while talking to a delegation of the shopkeepers of the Empress Market who led by the patron of the Tanzeem-Nau Brothern Qureish Saddar Sirajuddin Qureishi called on the Mayor in his office on Monday, said a statement.
Qureish claimed Ali suffered a broken rib during the two-day torture.
By QUREISH RAGHIBbrPublic housing has a long history of failure in Africa.
The flag of the federation was similar to the flag of the United Arab Republic, but the two stars were replaced by the golden falcon of Qureish, which was used as an emblem of Arab nationalism.
Ibtisam Qureish to study the feasibility of the project for the development of the Ghazala-Jauzaat Research Station.
He started his artistic career in 1957 in the play 'daa al-amal.' Later, he co-starred in 'saqr qureish,' the first popular play in the country.
While acting on a tip off after declaration of Kohat as sensitive zone by Interior Ministry during forthcoming 40th day of martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RA) in a joint house to house search operation of Kohat police and security forces from Garhi Rauf Khan, Kharha Garhai, Qureish Abad and Sabzi Mandi areas of Kohat forty suspects including three illegal Afghan immigrants have been arrested and have been kept in lockup of City Police Station.
Burhanuddin's media associate Shaikh Qureish Raghib said that the end came at Saifee Mahal, the spiritual leader's residence in Malabar Hills in south Mumbai.
These attacks were initiated by the Qureish, his tribe, and even by some members of his own family.
Mr Hossam Ali, a teacher at the Saqr Qureish Experimental School in New Maadi, says: "I think that reducing the Thanawia Amma nightmare from two years to one will mess up the curriculum."