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(filename extension)
(run commands) The filename extension common to many Unix configuration files, e.g. .newsrc, .cshrc, .twmrc, elmrc, etc.

The suffix "rc" derives from a script-creation utility in CTSS called "runcom" (for "run commands").

Unix FAQ.


A shell from AT&T's Plan 9, by Tom Duff. rc offers much the same capabilities as a traditional Bourne shell, but with a much cleaner syntax.

An open source reimplementation was made by Byron Rakitzis, and is now maintained by Tim Goodwin <tjg@star.le.ac.uk>.

Latest version: 1.6, as of 2000-06-15.

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reinforced concrete, beton armé, ferroconcrete, steel concrete

Concrete containing reinforcement designed on the assumption that the concrete and reinforcement act together in resisting forces.
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radio controlled

Running and directing a remote device by wireless transmission. For decades, miniature model planes and cars have been built with radio controls so they can be run free of wires and cables. The model contains a receiver and the player uses a handheld transmitter to steer it. Robotic devices are also built with radio control, many providing two-way feedback with video capabilities so the user can emulate the robot's view. See radio.

RC algorithms

(Ron's Code or Rivest's Cipher algorithms) A family of secret-key cryptographic algorithms from RSA Security, Inc., Bedford, MA (www.rsa.com). Although RSA (formerly RSA Data Security and acquired by EMC in 2006) is widely known for its public key methods, its secret key algorithms are also widely used. Ronald Rivest is the "R" in RSA.

Designed as a replacement for DES, RC2 uses a variable key and the block cipher method. RC4 uses a variable key and stream cipher method. Both RC5 and RC6 are block ciphers with variable keys up to 2,040 bits. RC6, designed by Rivest and others, uses integer multiplication for improved performance. RC6 was created to conform to the AES standard and was a finalist in the competition for the AES algorithm. See RSA, EMC, AES and DES.
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