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(filename extension)
(run commands) The filename extension common to many Unix configuration files, e.g. .newsrc, .cshrc, .twmrc, elmrc, etc.

The suffix "rc" derives from a script-creation utility in CTSS called "runcom" (for "run commands").

Unix FAQ.


A shell from AT&T's Plan 9, by Tom Duff. rc offers much the same capabilities as a traditional Bourne shell, but with a much cleaner syntax.

An open source reimplementation was made by Byron Rakitzis, and is now maintained by Tim Goodwin <tjg@star.le.ac.uk>.

Latest version: 1.6, as of 2000-06-15.


reinforced concrete, beton armé, ferroconcrete, steel concrete

Concrete containing reinforcement designed on the assumption that the concrete and reinforcement act together in resisting forces.
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R.C. Litz and Tabitha Spinner were married on September 16, 2006 in St.
4) 1198n004-screen oil strainer fine to elgi part no.070402560 accepted description as per r.c. Annexure-a.
She lied in this complaint because I had asked her to cancel her visa and leave," R.C. told the court.
R.C.: Ha muitas intimidades com esse filme (feito no ano em que nasci, 1966) e com toda a obra de Tarkovsky.
The especially noted character development of R.C. is excellently written with nothing left out in his life or background including the details of his mother's murder.
"R.C. Taylor Distributing has been one of our major suppliers for many years, and this partnership agreement helps ensure an uninterrupted supply chain for the foreseeable future," said Dan Sanders, CEO of United Supermarkets, Ltd.
The court's decision merely told local boards of health that their authority was not contained in R.C. 3709.21.
This is the eighth full-line furniture store for R.C. Willey, which also operates two clearance centers and a carpet outlet.
One of R.C. Dolner's first projects, The China Grill in the CBS Building on 52nd Street, gained attention for the fledgling company.
I phoned my friend to come and rescue me," R.C. claimed.
Still, Las Vegas has never seen any home retailing like R.C. Willey will bring to town.
of luring R.C. to dine with him before she went to the Spain enclave in International City to spend New Year.