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a preserve in the Tadzhik SSR, on the southern slopes of the Gissar Range, between the sources of the Kafirnigan River (the Sarbo and Sardai-Miena rivers). Area, 16,200 hectares (1977).

The Ramit Preserve was established in 1959 to protect the forests, which consist of nut and fruit trees and juniper stands. The vegetation includes the Turkestan maple, the maple Acer Regelii, cherry plum, almond (Amygdalus bucharica), cherry, apple, honeysuckle, barberry, pistachio, English walnut, juniper, birch, and poplar.

Commonly found mammals include the mountain goat, porcupine, long-tailed marmot, forest dormouse, stone marten, and Eurasian brown bear. Birds in the preserve include the Himalayan snow cock, chukar partridge, Cornish chough, alpine chough, Himalayan whistling thrush, dipper, Pallas’ dipper, hawfinch, Indian paradise flycatcher, and ibis-bill. Also encountered in the preserve are numerous reptiles, including Coluber rhodorhachis, Coluber ravergieri, the blunt-nosed viper, and Agkistrodon. The rivers are inhabited by trout, marinka (Schizothorax), and Turkestan catfish (Glyptosternum reticulatum). Bukhara deer were acclimatized in 1960.


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