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the standard monetary unit of the Republic of South Africa, divided into 100 cents


a. a strip or margin; border
b. a strip of cloth; selvage


the. short for Witwatersrand

rand (Brit.)

A border, or a fillet cut from a border in the process of straightening it.
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Most consumers who get new insurance under the Affordable Care Act should see their out-of-pocket spending for medical care fall, according to a RAND Corp.
Providing quality patient care drives physician satisfaction, and obstacles to quality patient care--such as cumbersome electronic health records--are an important contributor to dissatisfaction, according to a RAND Corp.
The dialogue was informed by research presentations by RAND Corp.
This is especially useful when the air controller and other observers do not have line-of-sight to the target and therefore cannot determine its location by lasing," said a Rand Corp.
The study team included researchers with the VA, the Rand Corp.
A security analyst at RAND Corp said that similar incidents taking place on different airlines might never be connected unless the information is passed on quickly, reports the Washington Times.
While the findings may have generated publicity because of embryos' use as a source of stem cell lines, 88% of the embryos are being held to help patients have children, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and the Rand Corp.
As former Defense Secretary Harold Brown and RAND Corp.
Strauss and his colleagues relied on a method developed at the Rand Corp.
The various groups involved in the process (the AMA, the specialty societies, the RAND Corp.
Smith, former Chairman of Landmark Graphics, and Jim Thomson, President and CEO of Rand Corp serve as a directors-at-large on Object Reservoir's Board.
And the disruption pushes their heads even lower," said Brian Michael Jenkins, senior advisor to the president of Rand Corp.