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I have another suggestion: RBS group could divest themselves of various assets and pay back some of the money they owe to the taxpayer.
The UK Government's policy has always been to return RBS to the private sector, but only when it delivers value for money for the taxpayer." RBS and UKFI declined to comment.
The Treasury bought the RBS shares at an average of 50p each, almost double the current share price.
To further recognise how important communities and fans are to the success of the international game, RBS has teamed up with the Daily Post to offer a pair of tickets to Wales v England at the Millennium Stadium on Friday February 4.
RBS Sempra will retain those businesses, and partners RBS and Sempra Energy remain in talks over "strategic options" on their future.
The Board also has consulted with and considered information provided by the primary home country supervisor of RBS Group and various federal and state supervisory agencies, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") and the Massachusetts Division of Banks.
The RBS uses vinyl wall forms constructed of 4-, 6-, or 8-inch-wide modular sections to create a single continuous "mold" of a building.
The concept of RBS to develop consumer allowances in the Navy is not new.
Saab has signed a contract to supply The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic with RBS 70 NG, the latest generation of the RBS 70 man-portable air defence system.
On Saturday SNP members, along with other community activists, took to Renfrew town centre to hand out leaflets and encourage shoppers to sign a parliamentary petition which urges RBS to reverse their decision to close the Renfrew branch.
British based provider of financial services RBS on Wednesday revealed that it has appointed Malcolm Buchanan as the new chair of its Scotland Board.
The UK Government owned lender, Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) (LSE: RBS) (NYSE: RBS-PP), is divesting its private banking operations in India to Sanctum Wealth Management, The BBR has reported.