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Only companies that make major investments now in new equipment, technology, and personnel will be able to effectively provide virtual warehousing of SDRAMs, DDR, SLDRAM, and RDRAM memory modules as they emerge between now and the year 2000.
Rambus has licensed its RDRAM and XDR memory interfaces to some of the world's largest chip and system providers.
Kingston's readiness to provide comprehensive RDRAM and RIMM module validation services is a key milestone in our Rambus Validation program," explained Subodh Toprani, vice-president and general manager, Industry Enabling Division, Rambus Inc.
Direct RDRAM technology is pushing many other technologies in the platform," said Peter MacWilliams, Intel fellow and director of platform architecture for the Intel Architecture Labs.
Today's 128-Mb RDRAM announcement reinforces NEC's plans to continue its leadership role within the Rambus camp.
We believe Toshiba will be a key vendor for the beginning phase of the Direct RDRAM ramp in 1999.
The SiS chipset featuring four-channel RDRAM and Samsung high-speed RDRAM modules provides PC OEMs and system integrators the competitive advantage for building top-performing PCs," said Tom Quinn, vice president of marketing, Samsung Semiconductor Inc.
Among the eleven worldwide suppliers of RDRAM, LGS is the first to supply commercial samples of the 64M concurrent RDRAM -- the industry's new standard for high-end graphics realization.
We are confident that users will find the four-channel RDRAM memory to deliver unprecedented performance.
5 megabit RDRAM we have jointly developed as well as offering Rambus Interface ASIC capability to our system and fabless semiconductor customer base.
High-End Computer and Network System Makers That Use RDRAM Technology