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An introduction traditionally included in the top-level directory of a Unix source distribution, containing a pointer to more detailed documentation, credits, miscellaneous revision history, notes, etc. The file may be named README, or READ.ME, or rarely ReadMe or readme.txt or some other variant.

In the Macintosh and IBM PC worlds, software is not usually distributed in source form, and the README is more likely to contain user-oriented material like last-minute documentation changes, error workarounds, and restrictions.

The README convention probably follows the famous scene in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" in which Alice confronts magic munchies labelled "Eat Me" and "Drink Me".

readme file

A text file copied onto software distribution disks that contains last-minute updates or errata that have not been printed in the documentation manual.
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To get started, read the step-by-step guide in the README file located there.
He has performed music and exhibited artwork internationally at numerous venues including The New Museum of Contemporary Art and Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York, The National Center for the Arts in Mexico City, README Software Art Conference in Denmark, The Liverpool Biennial, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, The Dallas Museum of Art, and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.
README FIRST: For a user's guide to qualitative methods.
tutorial /AN4 /bin /bwaccumdir /etc /feat /logdir /model parameters /model architecture /python /scripts pl /wav LICENSE README
Global documentation: generic documents, README files, installation instructions, bibliography etc.
Some of the file names being reported to entice the user to open the virus program include README.
Upon viewing the emtail, one of the objects (named README.
NAME* means that may be a sub-string in the file name) In case such file is found, the worm copies itself in e-mail form to there with the README.
EDU (GET ACADLIST README to begin; the music-related lists are in ACADLIST FILE3) and via anonymous FTP to ksuvxa.
The Update Service also supports the delivery of promotional or informational messages to users in HTML format, ensuring customers are always informed about the latest product releases, support bulletins, or important README file information -- further reducing support costs.
Nimda, a mass mailing Internet worm and file infector, first appeared on September 18th and marked the second successful new virus for the month with the attached filename, README.