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a royal domain; kingdom (now chiefly in such phrases as Peer of the Realm)
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the largest unit of zoogeographic regionalization (seeZOOLOGICAL REGIONALIZATION). The land areas of the earth are divided into three realms: Arctogea, Neogea, and Notogea. Some zoogeographers use the term “region” instead of realm, for example, the Holarctic region. The Pacific Ocean is also divided into three realms: the realm of the cold and temperate sea of the northern hemisphere, the tropical realm, and the realm of the cold and temperate seas of the southern hemisphere.

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So, along with her daily Victorian family chores, Marie had been sneaking off to rule the Realms and their numerous regents.
The Nosferu draw nearer to achieving their dark ends in the fantastic Realm of Weir, with Earth soon to follow.
The takeover of QTM, which boasts expertise in online bingo and casino products, serves Gaming Realms' plan to position itself in the bingo and casino segment of the social gaming market and roll out real money bingo and casino games in the UK regulated market, the buyer said.
(2) See Peter Boyce, The Queen's Other Realms: The Crown and Its Legacy in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand (Sydney, AU: Federation Press, 2008) at 216.
In the next two sections we delve deeper into the processes and projects realms with conceptual definitions, examples, and the complementary nature of projects and processes.
This difference in perspective on Upper North America manifests itself most clearly in the political realm. Stuart convincingly explores the extensive foundation of commonalities in the cultural and social realms, their interactions with an extensive network of economic ties, and the ways in which these varied layers of interdependence have led to complex political developments.
(4) In the city these 'capsules' include such developments as gated residential and business estates, and the privatised ersatz public realm of the mall, all under CCTV surveillance, pervaded by capsularised electronic entertainment and isolated and adrift from context to be linked by the safety of the mobile capsule of the car.
Homeland is an adaptation of Forgotten Realms, a popular fantasy series written by Salvatore.
Still, there remained the tricky problem of what to make of those naked, penis-sporting, underage girls who populate The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion, the fifteen-thousand-page illustrated novel to which Darger devoted his adult life.
This inherent link between the physical and the spiritual realms was part of the vast enterprise of science in the Islamic civilization.
A natural pharmaceutical science, homeopathy uses minute doses of pure extracts from all realms of nature.