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Any material (or any combination of materials) used as a roof covering, such as corrugated metal, sheet metal, shingles, slate, thatch, or tile; usually provides waterproofing, wind-proofing, and thermal insulation.
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These five states consumed about 50 percent of the MTBE blended into RFG and oxygenated gasoline and 44 percent of all MTBE consumed in the United States (Lidderdale 2003).
If water contamination occurs--either during ethanol transportation or after ethanol is blended into gasoline to create the ethanol-based RFG final product--it will lead to phase separation.
The RFG program was introduced in 1995, and currently about thirty percent of U.S.
EPA states that RFG has led to significant improvements in air quality, including a 17% reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from vehicles, and a 30% reduction in emissions of toxic air pollutants.
The total fuel costs of non-oxygenated RFG are 0-7.2 cents per gallon relative to conventional gasoline, shown in the fifth row and fourth column of Table 1.
RFG mandates, noted an April 1 Bloomberg wire service story, "have helped boost the average retail price of [gasoline] to an all-time high," in large measure because the costs they impose on our already overburdened refining sector are passed along at the pump.
Last November, the EPA estimated the RFG II would cost one or two cents more than RFG I to produce and that might well be the case, but local market conditions became the more important driver.
In its new Research Note "The Duel for Data Center Dominance," RFG, based here, said that IBM still owns the lion's share of the market for installed mainframes.
RFG 150V 50 - 300 kg/hr RFG 250V 100 - 500 kg/hr RFG 350 200 - 750 kg/hr RFG 350VD 400 - 1500 kg/hr
But bosses of the BB's Coffee & Muffins chain won't be offering the kangaroo burgers popular in Australia, where owners RFG operate more than 200 outlets.
Through a venture between its subsidiary, Salomon Brothers Realty Corp., and RFG Financial, Inc., a commercial mortgage bank, Salomon Brothers plans to book a minimum of $500 million of such loans per year.