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Abbrev. for richest-field telescope.
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(1) (Document Content Architecture) Earlier IBM file formats for text documents. DCA/RFT (Revisable-Form Text) was the primary format and could be edited. DCA/FFT (Final-Form Text) was formatted for a particular output device and could not be changed. For example, page numbers, headers and footers were placed on every page. DCA gave way to Adobe's PDF format (see PDF).

(2) (Distributed Communications Architecture) A proprietary set of rules from Unisys that creates and maintains an end-to-end communications path between computing systems and their applications.

(3) (Digital Communications Associates, Inc., Alpharetta, GA) A manufacturer of communications products, known for its "IRMA board." In late 1994, DCA became part of Attachmate Corporation of Seattle, Washington. See IRMA board.
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Given such an impressive track record for a young theory, it might be tempting to sit back and appreciate what RFT has done and admire its prescience.
Additionally, the RFT tyres can help reduce the total weight of a vehicle because they eliminate the need for a spare tyre.
Learning RFT: An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory and Its Clinical Application by Torneke Niklas (2010; Foreword by Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Afterword by Steven C.
(4) Several studies have documented that patients who experience relapse even many years after RFT are an important source of infection for their immediate contacts.
RFT: Kubler was the only colleague I had who loved graffiti.
Two recent developments have proved to be RFT game changers.
RFT, offered at Biolite and recommended for those who are 25 years and above, uses advanced radio-wave technology for smoother, tighter skin (perfect for those who don't have the time for post-surgery down time, and for those who fear surgery).
RFT will allow clients to send large digital files at speeds of up to 1Gigabyte per minute from point-to-point via the Internet.
- Appointment of Arup, by 30 April 2011, to deliver a Request for Tender (RFT) for the construction project, before 30 October 2011
The new Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT adds runflat technology to its present RE960AS, a performance-oriented all-season tyre.
But as he did so, in the RFT, he spent more space lauding the special section and told how easy it was to get the addresses.