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Availity, and Rochester RHIO, drew much of their success from incorporating the payer community as a key stakeholder, leader, and revenue source from the beginning.
Early in 2008, the RHIO finance committee developed a revenue plan to cover its $3 million annual operating cost; two-thirds would be provided by payers, one-third by hospitals.
The one-way data we will get from the Rochester RHIO will be enormously helpful," Hatch-Feir says.
Patients will be required to sign an advanced affirmative consent to allow providers to share their information with the RHIO.
The combination of eHealth Global's services and technology with Carestream Health's eHealth Managed Services provides a compelling and unique combination for Rochester RHIO," stated Bernard Algayres, General Manager, eHealth Managed Services.
The volume of data involved is considerable, says Ted Kremer, executive director of the Rochester RHIO.
Conversely, 2008 also saw positive reports on the impact of HIEs and RHIOs.
We founded this RHIO with the vision that everybody needed to 'play,' because our goal is to exchange information in order to optimize the health of the community, and everything is driven by that," Thompson emphasizes.
New York is among the first major players in health information technology to seriously pursue the idea of accrediting its RHIOs.
Past models included the heavy lifting and high cost of centralizing the patient data that was extracted from the various RHIO member organizations into a central (and duplicate) database.
Todd Rowland, Executive Director of HealthLINC, and Ted Kremer, Executive Director at Rochester RHIO, for receiving a 2010 AMDIS award.