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Rockwell hardness number

A measure of Rockwell hardness; determined by use of a machine having an indentor which can be loaded; the number is derived from the net increase in depth of impression that the indentor makes in the material as the load on the indentor is increased from a fixed load to a higher load, and then returned to the minimum load.
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Caption: Commands with dispersed units around the globe, pulling services from multiple Regional Hub Nodes (RHNs), such as the Continental United States East RHN in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., can maintain full mission command and network operations capability from their garrison or theater headquarters.
Caption: To help commanders better plan for missions, a new predictive analysis tool, the Incident Management and Reporting System, will provide "big data" analytics based on historical Regional Hub Node (RHN) operational data, such as the number and types of trouble calls at the RHN, troubleshooting outcomes or bandwidth use.
GAIT is a network architecture that interconnects the Army's largest tactical network transport hubs, known as Regional Hub Nodes (RHNs), to create a global network mesh that enables high-capacity fluid data exchange from anywhere on Earth.
La 13e RHN sera co-prAaAaAeA@sidAaAaAeA@e par le Chef du gouvernement, SaAaAaAeAcd El Othmani, et le Premier ministre portugais, Antonio Costa, qui conduit une importante dAaAaAeA@lAaAaAeA@gation composAaAaAeA@e de membres de l'ExAaAaAeA@cutif, responsables et d'hommes d'affaires, a-t-on annoncAaAaAeA@ dimanche dans communiquAaAaAeA@ du dAaAaAeA@partement du Chef du gouvernem
L'article 13e RHN: le Maroc et le Portugal rAaAaAeA@solument engagAaAaAeA@s la consolidation de leur coopAaAaAeA@ration est app
The RHN study found that as well as failing to report their head injuries, people also failed to protect themselves during dangerous activity.
Maw, who has been a RHN in Karamea for 12 years, encouraged all those eligible to apply.
Gore-based RHN Judi Dennis said the scholarship had meant time for more extensive reading and research than ever before.
In accordance with this plan, we initially aligned our JNNs to connect to the DODIN, and to each other, via the RHN at Camp Arifjan.
By remaining on the RHN, we enjoyed the support of a large and experienced staff of civilian technicians at the RHN with better assurance of network security and we would be ahead of the doctrinal changes that Increment 2 would bring.
Additionally, the RHN provides failover by backing up the THN and providing continuity of operations with other RHNs.
Program Manager Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems has the lead for the RHN project implementation and Network Enterprise Technology Command will operate and maintain all five sites.