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Any broad, estuarine river mouth.
A long, narrow coastal inlet, except a fjord, whose depth and width gradually and uniformly diminish inland.


(1) (Rich Internet Application) An application that approaches the speed and elegance of a locally installed application. An RIA typically refers to an app that uses the Web browser to run embedded scripts within Web pages. However, it may also refer to a "rich client application" that interacts with the Internet in some manner but does not run from the browser (see rich client). See Silverlight, Flex and AJAX.

(2) (Regulatory Impact Analysis) See healthcare IT.
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CRR: It was approximately 12 years between the publication of RIAS (2003) and RIAS-2 (2015).
Under the RIA Interpretation, all advice to clients--including rollover advice--is fiduciary advice subject to a duty of care and a duty of loyalty.
The number of breakaway advisors joining RIAs likely will "spike" during the first several months of 2018, as advisors move quickly to exit before their employer potentially withdraws from the accord and creates greater risk associated with taking clients to a new organization, according to the report.
Elliot Weissbluth, CEO and founder of RIA aggregator firm HighTower, said in December at the DeVoe M&A + Succession Summit in Miami Beach that the advisory industry is "at the very beginning of consolidation," and that "it's for all very good reasons."
The report was unveiled by Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan and senior dignitaries of the broadband industry, and is the first to focus directly on the value added by Rich Interaction Applications (RIAs) for consumers in India.
Federal regulatory agencies have a monopoly position on the production of RIAs. There is no competition and-just like a market where a single producer controls supply--the result is an insufficient quantity of insufficient quality at too high a price.
First, the advice must be in the client's best interest and not for the benefit of the financial institution (the RIA in this case).
In this paper we examine the impact of regional economic integration on FDI, using a large sample of bilateral FDI inflows into 24 OECD countries; the dataset includes three RIAs which encapsulate the 'home' region characteristic in IB literature.
they didn't pay, so they went into default as per the GAFTA," RIAS Trading Commercial Director Chris Vanhonacker said.
And, to the extent that RIAs offer security product solutions, which will include FIAs after 2010, 151A's changes will have an indirect impact on how such firms operate and the degree to which RIAs can operate without a B-D relationship.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-1 September 2008-Danish plastic products distributor RIAS A/S issues full-year profit warning(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com