RISC System/6000

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RISC System/6000

(Or "RS/6000") IBM's current RISC-based Unix computer. The RS/6000, announced in 1990, replaced the RT-PC. It runs AIX 3.x and 4.x. Most models have an MCA bus. A wide range of models are available.
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(RISC System/6000) The earlier generation and original name of IBM's System p family of scientific workstations and servers that merged into the Power Systems brand. The RS/6000 line was the first to use IBM's RISC-based POWER chip architecture, and both POWER and PowerPC CPUs have been used in various models. AIX (Unix) was the RS/6000's primary operating system. The RS/6000 originally supported the Micro Channel bus, but later switched to PCI. See Power Systems and POWER.

An Early RS/6000
This POWERSERVER 590 was one of the many models introduced in IBM's RS/6000 series, which were used in scientific and industrial applications. (Image courtesy of IBM.)
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