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(1) Using the services of another cellular carrier when traveling in a foreign country or in an area where the primary carrier has no service.

(2) Using a cellphone or smartphone and moving from one cell tower or Wi-Fi hotspot to another without losing the connection.
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of animals for pasture, the migrations of populations of animals within a relatively small area in search of food and places to rest; one of the types of animal migration. In roaming for pasture, the animals move to an area that touches or overlaps their previous area, usually their mating grounds. Roaming usually takes place during a particular season of the year and often during a certain time of day. Roaming for pasture is widespread among mountain mammals; for many birds (rooks, starlings) roaming precedes the seasonal migration, and for others (bullfinches) roaming takes place all fall and winter. Some invertebrates move daily from one level of vegetation to another, depending upon such conditions as temperature and humidity.

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For a fixed rate of just P599 per day, Globe Roam Surf gives you 24 hours of unlimited data roaming access.
"ROAM's continued commitment to bringing mobile payments, both keyed-entry and now card-present, to a growing segment of merchants, who traditionally have been underserved, shows how in-tune they are with the market and the trends in mobile payments," commented Chris Justice, president of Ingenico North America, "I'm really excited to see ROAM Data take the leadership position in setting a new industry standard for mobile payments that will bring tremendous benefits to all levels of merchants, across all industries." ROAM has proven its Rails with its own apps, and has now started to enable others to build their apps with ROAM's platform and peripherals.
They roam freely on government-owned Western rangeland.
Now, CSG Roam has been added to the solution suite to handle escalating traffic volumes in advance of the World Cup in June and during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
AT&T will enable AT&T customers to roam and use the Thuraya satellite
With ROAM, any enterprise's web services can be extended to virtually any mobile phone, turning cell phones into secure mobile PCs, and allowing the mobile workforce to accept payments, update inventory, and access the company intranet from virtually anywhere.
The solution allows roamers to roam with any mobile device, without the need to replace SIM cards or switch devices.
New Roaming Agreements with Leading Telecommunications Companies in the Region to Benefit Batelco CustomersBatelco, Bahrain's leading mobile operator has announced that due to new regional agreements with some major operators in the GCC and Middle East, those Batelco customers will enjoy up to 50% discount while roaming in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan from 1st of May.Agreements which are currently being finalised with major operators in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan, will lead to discounts of up to 60% for customers from these countries while they roam with the Batelco network in Bahrain, in addition to the huge discounts for Batelco roaming customers.
"The sheer size of the region contributes to the increase, as does the fact that mobile services will penetrate further into these markets over the forecast period, and the overall propensity to roam is set to improve gradually," says Nishi Verma Nangia, senior analyst at Ovum.
The iPass Open Mobile Exchange allows Etisalat to bring a global Wi-Fi roaming solution into their product portfolio supported by the world's largest Wi-Fi network that could alter the way their consumers roam abroad in the future."