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Rolling on the floor laughing (or rolls...).

Used in a MUD, news.

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"Rolling on the floor laughing." Another variation is ROFLMAO, which means "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off." Also ROTFL; the "T" is added for the word "the." See digispeak.
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It secures them in their (ha!) property and possessions (ROTFL).
Counselor educators and students need to familiarize themselves with common and popular online abbreviations such as LOL (laugh out loud), ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing), AFK (away from keyboard), as well as the use of emoticons or characters to convey emotions (i.e., :-( = sad or annoyed; :) = happy; (::[ ]::) = a band-aid used to represent help).
It includes up-to-the-minute acronyms - 'Rotfl' is text messaging speak for rolling on the floor laughing - and hip colloquialisms - have you heard about the 'hornbag' who was a bit of a 'plank' who campaigned against 'handism'?