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A TIA/EIA standard for serial interfaces that extends distances and speeds beyond RS-232. RS-422 is a balanced system requiring more wire pairs than its RS-423 counterpart and is intended for use in multipoint lines. Both use either a 37-pin connector defined by RS-449 or a 25-pin connector defined by RS-530.

RS-449 and RS-530 specify the pin definitions for RS-422 and RS-423. RS-422/423 specify electrical and timing characteristics. See RS-530.
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RS-423 uses the same signal levels but only one of the two wires.
The UFX-EbNo instrument can be specified with remote control capabilities via IEEE-488-2, RS-232C, RS-422, RS-423, TCP/IP or Ethernet.
The unique 12-volt TVS provides extremely high protection, meeting Bellcore, ITU, and IEC standards for ADSL, HDSL, RS-232, RS-423, RS-422 and V.90 interfaces.