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(Real-Time Messaging Protocol) A proprietary streaming protocol from Adobe that is supported in its Flash Media Server/Adobe Media Server platforms. RTMP defines "virtual channels" that operate independently (audio, video, control messages, etc.). Unlike HTTP, RTMP requires a continuous TCP connection to enable DVR functions (play/pause etc.); however, RTMPT tunnels RTMP in HTTP packets. RTMP was developed by Macromedia, which was acquired by Adobe. See Adobe Media Server and streaming protocols.

Versions and Attributes

  RTMP   Uses TCP

  RTMPS  Secure - uses TSL/SSL

  RTMFP  Uses UDP - Media Flow-P

  pRTMP  Protected RTMP

  RTMPT  Tunneling HTTP

  RTMPE  Encrypted
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To support these services, Mobixell's Videon(TM) enables high quality, manageable video delivery across all access networks using the most advanced streaming protocols - Microsoft's Silverlight(R) Smooth Streaming, Apple's HTTP live streaming, Adobe RTMP and 3GPP streaming in a centralized delivery platform.
The combined solution addresses the challenges for mobile operators in dealing with video traffic, allowing video formats to be converted and adapted based on the capabilities of the receiving device and managing and optimising all types of video traffic - including Adobe RTMP, Apple http live stream, Microsoft Silverlight, progressive download and HTML 5 - to lower radio and backhaul network costs for operators.
The FLV files are transferred over RTMP connections with the Adobe Flash Media Server[TM].
NeoLoad supports all web technologies including HTML5, SPDY, AJAX PUSH, Adobe Flex, AIR, Silverlight, RTMP, SAP, and Siebel among others.
For organizations with video infrastructure built on legacy streaming protocols like RTMP, MMS, and RTSP, and organizations that have invested in multicast video, Modern Streaming represents an inflection point.
1x, PPPoE, RTMP, CIFS, networks attacks, and virtually unlimited numbers applications via the SAPEE function.
264 format and RTMP based streaming, while developers can also create and import 3-D assets using Google SketchUp and SketchUp 3-D Importer.
The device also includes an unlocked RTMP interface that provides compatibility with most other Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) on the Web.
RTMP is compatible with Ustream's industry-leading scalable, reliable platform as well as a number of content distribution networks (CDNs).
1x, and PPPoE, CIFS, RTMP, custom protocols, and a number of enterprise applications via the capture/replay function.
Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding converts a single live video stream source into multi-bitrate HLS and RTMP live streams for high quality live experiences across desktops and mobile devices
Added support for RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPS protocols.