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(Real-Time Messaging Protocol) A proprietary streaming protocol from Adobe that is supported in its Flash Media Server/Adobe Media Server platforms. RTMP defines "virtual channels" that operate independently (audio, video, control messages, etc.). Unlike HTTP, RTMP requires a continuous TCP connection to enable DVR functions (play/pause etc.); however, RTMPT tunnels RTMP in HTTP packets. RTMP was developed by Macromedia, which was acquired by Adobe. See Adobe Media Server and streaming protocols.

Versions and Attributes

  RTMP   Uses TCP

  RTMPS  Secure - uses TSL/SSL

  RTMFP  Uses UDP - Media Flow-P

  pRTMP  Protected RTMP

  RTMPT  Tunneling HTTP

  RTMPE  Encrypted
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If you initialize an RTMP stream with one sampling rate such as 44.
The Talon G2 encoder ingests video from 3G HD-SDI, HDMI, and composite sources and streams it via RTMP, RTP, or UDP to multiple destinations over IP.
In the "Primary Server" section, enter the RTMP URL.
La comunicacion RTMP no corre el riesgo de ser bloqueada por los particulares proveedores de Internet de cada usuario/a, al utilizar TCP y no UDP como protocolo de transporte de paquetes.
For example Amazon S3 stores and Cloud front brings the media to edge for RTMP based streaming to the users.
Simplified player development - Easily implement the latest player features such as HTTP Dynamic Streaming, multicast streaming, Flash Access protection, RTMP Dynamic Streaming, and DVR functionality with a choice of prebuilt player (Strobe Media Playback), a hosted player (Adobe Flash Media Playback), or the OSMF.
It also delivers the content in multiple video formats, including HLS and RTMP, to CDNs for wide-scale distribution.
Traffic analysis for video on demand services over HFC networks using RTMP protocol
Thus we have the following data flows: data flow from web server on HTTP protocol and data flow from FMS on RTMP protocol.
2003/04 budget calendar; committee reports; building department request for permit increase; action concerning use of additional RTMP funds; application for site review committee appointment.
264) very well, at least for typical RTMP pushes to streaming media servers.