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(1) (Rapid Transport Protocol) The protocol used in IBM's High Performance Routing (HPR) system.

(2) (Realtime Transport Protocol) An IP protocol that supports real-time transmission of voice and video. It is widely used for IP telephony and audio and video streaming. An RTP packet rides on top of UDP, the non-reliable counterpart of TCP, and includes timestamping and synchronization information in its header for proper reassembly at the receiving end. Secure RTP (SRTP) is a version of RTP that provides confidentiality and message authentication.

RTCP (Real Time Control Protocol)
RTCP is a companion protocol to RTP that is used to maintain QoS. RTP nodes analyze network conditions and periodically send each other RTCP packets that report on network congestion.

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)
RTSP is used to control an RTP session at the application layer. It enables functions such as pause, rewind and fast forward to be provided in the user's client software. See IP telephony, RSVP, session border controller and UDP.

RTP Packet
In a UDP/IP stack, the RTP header is created first and then the packet is moved down the stack to UDP and IP. This shows the RTP packet within an Ethernet frame ready for transmission over the network.
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We can then multiply this value by the total campuswide controlled space, the total number of expected hours in RTP setback for a cooling season, and by the cost differential during RTP setback events to get projected campus yearly cost savings using this method.
An RTP 2500 Series Platable PC/ABS was compounded for the OmniPod chassis.
In October 2003, the Commission took a first Decision on the matter, considering that several ad hoc state aid measures granted to RTP between 1992 and 1998 did not exceed the net public service costs and were therefore compatible with EC Treaty state aid rules.
If you are interested in more information on this subject or wish to investigate the installation of interval meters and introducing RTP in your cooperative you may contact the Coalition at (718) 760-7540.
Due to the factor that returnable transport packaging (RTP) is environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, the market is growing at a significant rate.
The RTP network is the first new core payments infrastructure built in the United States in over 40 years and is delivering a wave of payments innovation to benefit customers nationwide.
The growth in intercontinental trade is fueling the demand for RTP, with its adoption having increased among industrial users.
The mean LRWC of RTP and FP were 87.0% and 84.5% (2014) and 84.8% and 83.6% (2015) during the whole growing stages, respectively, and RTP was higher than FP (Fig.
Rather than fret over how long it will take to get paid, suppliers may request RTP from the buyer, i.e.
"Going forward, our additional status as a regional training power (RTP) for the Officials Programme means we look forward to offering our knowledge and skills to other national sporting authorities (ASNs) and their safety personnel."