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The RTSA option can be added to new and existing MXE EMI receivers as well as the manufacturer's UXA, PXA, and MXA X-Series signal analyzers.
This is a case of a 60-year-old man with previous history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and peripheral vascular disease who underwent left shoulder conversion of failed hemiarthroplasty to RTSA.
In applications such as radar, electronic warfare and military communications, POI is the key benchmark for RTSA.
The company said the RTSA capability is especially useful in applications such as radar, automotive, and wireless communications that often experience fast-moving, short-duration emissions.
The UXA also supports the N9068C phase noise measurement application and a separate RTSA upgrade option.
This new franchise agreement between Ruby Tuesday and RTSA has occurred within weeks of another franchise agreement for development of Ruby Tuesdays in the McAllen/Brownsville area, bringing the total to five Ruby Tuesday franchise developers in Texas.
And, the swept tuned bandwidth also has been increased to 320 MHz, but not for RTSA mode.
The Reasoning5 Code-base Management System (CBMS), the Code Query and Manipulation Language (CQML) and the Software Developer Kit (SDK) are the foundation products in the RTSA.
Tenders are invited for Invites Application From Authorized Ticketing Agents Appointed By Railways Including JTBS, RTSA, RTA And Agent Appointed By IRCTC For Establishment Operation Of Computerized Passenger Reservation System.
Tek's Matt Maxwell, product manager for the RTSA, said that you need to be able to "trigger on any signal that you can see on the DPX display within the real-time bandwidth.
Applications invited from the authorized ticketing agents appointed by Railways including JTBS, RTSA, RTA and agents appointed by IRCTC for establishment & operation of Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) cum Unreserved Ticket System (UTS) terminals Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK) over jurisdiction of Mumbai Division, Western Railway
The new software-enabled capability, Botka said, lets Agilent come to market with a new product while enabling existing PXA customers to upgrade to full RTSA capability, which will allow them to detect short-duration transient signals while continuing to take advantage of the 75-dB spurious-free dynamic range over the entire 160 MHz of demodulation bandwidth of the instrument.