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What does it mean when you dream about the countryside?

A sense of the natural, as in feeling natural. Non-rural people associate the countryside with relaxation.

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Producers Bank is a small and medium enterprise-focused bank that has been a consolidator of rural banks.
The Pheasant at Neenton from Bridgnorth, West Midlands Agricultural Society from Shrewsbury and Ginger and Spice Festival from Market Drayton - Best Rural Social Enterprise, Charity or Community Project ?
It recommends revitalising rural areas with a focus on five building blocks: creating farm and non-farm rural employment opportunities, achieving gender equality, addressing environmental challenges, improving access to energy and investing in good governance.
Last December, the central bank also approved the merger between Marayo Bank and Rural Bank of Oton.
Data suggests that housing challenges in urban and rural areas look very different.
The strategy has been developed in response to the local and national rural crime surveys and following extensive feedback from Cheshire residents as part of a consultation led by the county's Police and Crime Commissioner, David Keane.
In this context many organizations active for the rights of rural women folk, Government agencies and community groups will arrange seminars symposium and functions and speakers will highlight the role of the rural women in development of the country.
"Relative specifically to our rural outreach focus, on top of a significant amount of other outreach we do, we have traveled around this state working with various organizations including cities, towns, Chambers of Commerce and other economic development organizations providing information and education to event attendees on SBA programs and services and how they could benefit from this assistance," Stewart said.
As a result, when demonetisation hit the cash-based rural economy, it did not have a drastic effect on non-agricultural rural wages.
10 and feature guest Alan Morgan, president of the National Rural Health Association.
An official of NCSW told on Monday that this research report is about the challenges,contributions and opportunities of rural women.