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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,

charitable organization devoted exclusively to health care issues. It was established in 1936 by Robert Wood Johnson (1893–1968), board chairman of the Johnson & Johnson medical products company. The foundation grew in endowment and in the scope of its mission after it received (1971) the majority of Johnson's estate. Based in Princeton, N.J., the Johnson Foundation's basic mission is "to improve the health and health care of all Americans," and toward this end it supports training, education, research, and projects related to U.S. health-care services.
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After the RWJ Foundation Fellowship, Ross-Lee was recruited to become dean of Ohio University's College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Healthlnsight is an NRHI regional health improvement collaborative; an AHRQ-designated Chartered Value Exchange (CVE); an RWJ Foundation AF4Q community; a Medicare QIO, a state EQRO; a Regional Extension Center (REC) for Health Information Technology; an ONC Beacon Community; and a community health information exchange (HIE) organization.
The RWJ Foundation liked what it read and spent another small fortune publicizing Wechsler's worrisome news.
Another publication of RWJ Foundation is Perspectives on Pay for Performance in Nursing: Key Considerations in Shaping Payment systems to Drive Better Patient Care Outcomes.
The future of nursing: RWJ Foundation and the Institute of Medicine launch a new initiative.
"The issue is how do we really shift the paradigm so that we can rid ourselves of this waxing and waning of shortages, and at the same time prepare [nurses] for the 21st century needs that patients have?" stated Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, the RWJ Foundation president and CEO.
The RWJ Foundation's backing also serves as recognition that the Steering Committee's efforts are worthwhile, said Dr.
The full report is available on the RWJ Foundation Web site at
This organization has funding from the RWJ Foundation to work with researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health to investigate the creation of special health courts to hear malpractice cases.
More alarming, nearly one-quarter of individuals age 50 and older died within a year of having a hip fracture (RWJ Foundation).
The RWJ Foundation is focused on health care issues, and provides grants for examining alcohol and substance abuse issues.
The first "studied family members whose relatives were the intended beneficiaries of a major initiative by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ Foundation) to improve the mental health system" (p.