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, Ger. Raab, river, c.160 mi (260 km) long, rising in the mountains of SE Austria. It flows SE to the Austria-Hungary line, then NE through W Hungary to the Danube River at Győr. There are many small hydroelectric plants on the river.
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, river, Hungary and Austria.



(Rába), a river in Austria and Hungary, a right tributary of the Danube. It is approximately 400 km long and drains an area of more than 18,000 sq km. Originating in the Fischbach Alps, the Raab flows primarily over the Middle Danubian Plain (Little Alföld), merging with the Moson Danube. There is high water in spring and flash floods in summer. The mean flow rate is approximately 70 cu m per sec. There are freeze-ups from time to time in January and February. The flow is regulated, and the channel is canalized in the lower course. The river is navigable below Körmend (Hungary). The Raab is used for irrigation. The city of Győr (Hungary) is near the mouth.

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