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(räb), Ital. Arbe, island, 40 sq mi (104 sq km) off Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea. One of the Dalmatian islands, it is a popular seaside resort. Fishing and agriculture are the main occupations. The island was under Venetian rule from the 10th cent. until 1797, and it retains its ancient walls, the ruins of the palace of the Venetian governors, a 12th-century cathedral, and the medieval palace of the former archbishops.
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A rod or stick used by masons in mixing hair with mortar.


On drawings, abbr. for rabbet.
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RAID Advisory Board

A Massachusetts-based organization founded in 1992 that was involved with education, standardization and classification of RAID storage systems. See RAID.
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We also tested the effect of a single amino acid mutation on the overall pattern of glycosylation of the biosimilar rAb. Coincidently, this single amino acid substitution introduced within the CH2 domain of the heavy chain (at position C41 by IMGT codon numbering or 290 by Kabat numbering) of IgG molecule caused the inability of the mutagenized biosimilar rAb to bind to protein A column.
The further details about the incident can only be given after the inspection, the RAB DG said.
He said Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar had rendered great services for the promotion of Urdu and rehabilitation of migrants at the time of partition.
Rab's impressive career of 21 professional bouts included a shot at the British heavyweight title in 1979 but the author, who died eight days ago, aged 79, used to pass on the same advice each time he saw the boxer.
Moving on to the WHO, Dr Abdur Rab was deputed at WHO Regional Headquarters in Cairo and later became the WHO Representative in Sudan, according to a press release on Monday.
After a thorough investigation of 20 cases of disappearance AI found "overwhelming" evidence of RAB's direct involvement in these incidents.
Clashes between security forces and protesters also took place near Rab Square, but were dispersed with tear gas.
"We really suffered for two days just to finish the procedures of renewing the car license, but what about the residents of Rab and their sufferings?" he sympathetically inquired.
"He said that his neighbours upstairs lost their snake around a year and a half ago, and he thinks Rab may be theirs.
Acting Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has ordered that the deadline for the revision of electricity grids' RAB regulation parameters be postponed from 1 July to 1 Nov 2012, Kommersant reported today (17 May).
Rab C Nesbitt (BBC2, 10pm) APPARENTLY, Govan's Got Talent.
Rab C Nesbitt (BBC Two, Wednesday, 10pm) [bar] Apparently, Govan's Got Talent.