Rabbit Hole

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What does it mean when you dream about a rabbit hole?

The hidden furrows that wind underground may represent the cliché “I feel like crawling into a hole,” suggesting that embarrassment or guilt causes one to hide from an unpleasant situation or deed.

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Lynsey Marriott from Norton who runs Down the Rabbit Hole which makes jewellery including Transporter Bridge necklaces, below IAN COOPER
First, we can all acknowledge the different reasons why we ended up in the rabbit hole in the first place.
Commissioned by St James' Court as the first of the 'English Classics, Reinvented' literary series, launched at the preview reception of the Hay Festival 2015, this collector's edition cover is East London based designer Ethan McClean's psychedelic interpretation of Alice's journey down the rabbit hole.
Rabbit Hole Spirits applied to register the mark Moonshine Redefined for "distilled spirits; liquor; whiskey.
Now, new performing arts company Red Turnip, the same company that brought Closer and Cock hit productions, opens its second season giving a local flavor to Rabbit Hole on August 1 at Whitespace Makati.
We all alight the train and disappear down a rabbit hole to the Underground on an escalator.
The theme, chosen to represent the first event held at Ty Hafan when it opened in 1999, included a whole host of attractions including a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, a wishing tree and rabbit hole.
According to sources, Prince Harry's former girlfriend hit the infamous Rabbit Hole with pals including the young film star, and the pair was "flirting constantly", the Mirror reported.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" stars Sophie Lowe as a young woman who escapes Victorian England down the fabled rabbit hole in search of adventure and love.
It's a rabbit hole," you say, as you remove a small, white piece of cardboard from your pocket with the face of a rabbit on it.
While the set design by Bob Crowley (who also designed the costumes) and the projections by John Driscoll and Gemma Carrington bring many of Lewis' classic scenes to life--Alice's falling down the rabbit hole, her monstrous growth spurt, then shrinking-they can unfortunately overshadow the dancing.
The Rabbit Hole works to promote Emirati and Gulf brands to help increase the visibility of GCC designers in the UAE and the region at large.