Rabbit Hole

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What does it mean when you dream about a rabbit hole?

The hidden furrows that wind underground may represent the cliché “I feel like crawling into a hole,” suggesting that embarrassment or guilt causes one to hide from an unpleasant situation or deed.

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Grief may be the topic under examination, but humor incisive, observant and warm--is the tool with which it's dissected in "Rabbit Hole," a refreshingly positive-minded take on cinema's ultimate downer: over coming the death of a child.
"Doune the Rabbit Hole prides itself on offering a relaxing and invigorating experience for festival fans from catching bands perfect for the summer to sampling delicious locally produced food and drink, yoga workshops and a host of family activities to keep children entertained, more of which will be detailed soon.
Music began a week-long exclusive stream of Lotus Crush's Rabbit Hole. To listen to and read about Rabbit Hole at Yahoo!
Little Indy's poster." Indy lost more than a quarter of her weight while trapped down the rabbit hole and her eyes became badly infected
The Through the Rabbit Hole play space includes kids' activities and imaginative play, with a trail of White Rabbit pawprints to follow around the gallery.
"Rabbit Hole explores firstly how the mass media has disturbed the Emirati youth's identity; secondly how it's given teenagers the illusion of perfection and a mentality of over-consumption," said the student-director.
Rabbit Hole is released in UK cinemas from 4 February 2011.
It features the story of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world of nonsense and intrigue, where she meets a number of colourful characters including a grinning Cheshire Cat, all of which featured at the children's party.
Melbourne, May 6 (ANI): Australian sensation Nicole Kidman is all set to produce a new film, titled 'Rabbit Hole'.
TWO inquisitive Jack Russells sparked a major rescue effort after vanishing down a rabbit hole.
Down The Rabbit Hole is the opening chapter of which children's novel?
FORT COLLINS, COLO.: Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre--an audiocentric outgrowth of OpenStage Theatre and Co.