rabbit's foot

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rabbit’s foot

proverbial good luck charm. [Western Folklore: Misc.]
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Lately, Drew has been trying to make a connection between his past and Franco's (Roger Howarth) rabbit foot but can't seem to put two and two together.
B Salt club the they Gra www 935T Sto The Don sinc the L the pla|BLUES duo Rabbit Foot are playing tburn Blues Club at the town's cricket b tomorrow night.
While holding for takeoff, the pilot lazily fingered the fuzzy fur of his lucky rabbit foot.
While Stattos everywhere can rhyme off scores and league positions, Football Gallimaufry charts what really matters - from goalie Alan Rough's lucky rabbit foot to pie recipes.
I have learned how to make moisturiser out of lard - horrible; use a freshly hacked-off rabbit foot to use as a blusher brush - disgusting, and this morning I applied my lipstick with a twig - not a good look.
Bessie Smith, "The Empress of the Blues," began in the Rabbit Foot minstrelsy troupe, as did jazz great LouisJordan.
The vaudevillean troupers in Lee's bluesey The Rabbit Foot bicker, banter, croon and shake their booties, despite the depressive effects of rain, hard liquor and performer defections.
You already know about wedding cakes and fertility, which rabbit foot to carry, why walking under a ladder is bad luck, why we knock on wood, feed a cold and starve a fever, and how luck ties in with the sneeze, yawning, hiccups, warts, garlic, a pinch of salt--stuff like that, right?
Elsewhere, Drew believes Kim (Tamara Braun) may be able to help him figure out his connection to Franco's (Roger Howarth) rabbit foot.