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interbreeding of races, esp where differences of pigmentation are involved
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the mixing of human races. The offspring of these mixed marriages are called half-breeds.

Racial mixing has always taken place in regions where various racial groups have been in contact with one another. The scale of such crossing grew considerably after the great geographical discoveries of the 15th to 17th centuries and the subsequent colonial expansion and slave trading. It is a natural phenomenon in human history and proves the untenability of the reactionary theory of polygenism (the theory of the origin of the principal races of mankind from different ancestors, thereby ascribing Caucasoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids to separate species). The same capacity of half-breeds for reproduction as is found in intraracial unions—not the case between different species—is the most convincing proof of the species unity of mankind and the close kinship of all human races.

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Intermarriage between different races.
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In contrast to the imagery and values associated with preachers is Micheaux's pioneer aesthetic, which values race-mixing, Western pioneerism, and the movement away from cities of the East to open expanses of land in the West.
Underlying the eugenics movement's proscription against inter-racial marriage was a concern that racial mixing would weaken the white "stock." As late as the 1930s, leading geneticists were arguing that their opposition to "race-mixing" was based on objective scientific grounds.
In an interview with GQ magazine, the Human Barbie said that the European beauty was degenerating due to all of the race-mixing that has been happening.
Louisiana Attorney General Milton Cunningham, in his brief supporting his state's ruling upholding "separate but equal" legislation, argued that the Fourteenth Amendment "required that states not legislate inequalities in right, but consistent with this restriction they could assort individuals by race pursuant to the police power." In other words, Cunningham appealed to the explosive issue of "race-mixing." Clearly this case was not settled by legal argument alone; it was not a purely rational exercise.
But his bias against race-mixing was not really aimed at preventing male slave owners from bedding their slaves in the pursuit of more progeny-as-property (and a lighter-skinned slave, in this economy, was often higher priced).
According to Christian Identity, another sect which provides the dominant theology of the white-supremacist movement, whites are God's chosen people, only white Aryans have souls, and it is appropriate for Christians to murder anyone who engages in race-mixing, performs abortions, or practices homosexuality.
She stated in a recent (http://www.gq.com/women/photos/201404/valeria-lukyanova-human-barbie-doll?currentPage=1) GQ interview that race-mixing has popularised plastic surgery as children of interracial couple are not always happy with their features.
l KNACKERED French film legend Brigitte Bardot is in bother after writing a book about the evils of race-mixing and immigration.