Rachiia Kocharovich Kochar

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Kochar, Rachiia Kocharovich


(pseudonym of R. K. Gabrielian). Born Jan. 20 (Feb. 2), 1910, in the village of Kumlibudzhakh, Alashkert District, Western Armenia (Turkey); died May 3, 1965, in Yerevan. Soviet Armenian writer. Member of the CPSU from 1939.

Kochar began publishing his work in 1930. Sketches and short stories of the period of the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) went into the collections Birth of Heroes (1942), On the Eve (1943), and Sacred Vow (1946). The novel Children of the Great House (parts 1-2, 1952-59; Russian translation, 1962) reflected the events of the war and explored their great historical significance. The White Book (1965), a collection of novellas and short stories, provides an account of the tragedy of the Armenian people in the period of World War I. His publicistic and critical articles are collected in Literature and Life (1949). Kochar was awarded the Order of the Red Star and various medals.


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