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dog racing,

trials of speed between dogs. Now contested on oval tracks, the sport developed from the ancient practice of coursing, in which specially trained dogs chase game animals in the open field. Whippets chased live rabbits until the protests of humane groups had the practice outlawed. Artificial hares, first tried in 1876 in England, eventually became standard and greyhounds, accustomed to hunting by sight and sound rather than by smell, replaced whippets. The sport became popular in the United States in the 1930s when some states permitted wagering. Dog tracks are popular in Florida, Massachusetts, and some western states as well as in England, Ireland, Australia, Spain, and Indonesia.
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They're racing dogs - not clothing accessories and shouldn't be pampered and put on show at Crufts.
Merle - a two-year-old ex racing dog, grey with white markings.
He was a very powerful racing dog and, while he had one or two injury problems towards the end of his career, there was often that flash of brilliance.
The retired racing dog suffers from corns and was reduced to hobbling around - until owners Phil and Daphne Wilson, of Torquay, Devon, had him measured for the handmade boots.
A racing dog is not a commodity to be thrown away when it is no longer productive or costeffective.
DURING her days as a racing dog, Buffy the greyhound would fly around the track in hot pursuit of the mechanical hare.
The four-year-old former racing dog has twice moved in with hopeful Midland families but failed to settle.
He found that all the people who had taken these ex-racers in had never owned a racing dog themselves nor had they ever visited a greyhound racing track.
My gripe is about Coventry, whose racing office I recently complained to about the way a certain racing dog, belonging to a close friend and colleague, was being graded.
However, as racing dogs, they usually live in a kennel or crate and are not used to a life in a home; some even have to be taught how to walk up steps.
The racing dogs were being exercised on long leads when they savaged eight-year-old pet Elsie on a driveway.
Her Saluki, Nahar, is not walking home with a prize, but, as skinny racing dogs go, he seems rather pleasant-looking.