Rade Koncar

Končar, Rade


Born Oct. 28, 1911, in the village of Končarev Kraj, Croatia; died May 22, 1942, in the city of Šibenik. Figure of the Yugoslav antifascist movement. People’s Hero of Yugoslavia (posthumously, 1942).

Končar was a metalworker and joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CPY) in 1934. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment in 1936 for revolutionary activity. Končar became a member of the Zagreb city committee of the Communist Party of Croatia (CPC) in 1938, political secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC in 1939, and a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPY in 1940. After the occupation of Yugoslavia by fascist troops in April 1941, Končar directed the preparation of the national liberation uprising in Croatia and in October 1941, in Dalmatia. Končar was captured by the Italian fascists and shot. An electrical equipment factory in Zagreb has been named after him.


Milosti ne tražim. Zagreb, 1959.


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The number of our employees will be considerably cut and there will be a general decline in our sales, says Goran Antevski from Rade Koncar TEP.
Symbol Symbol description ISIN ALK Alkaloid Skopje MKALKA101011 BESK Beton Skopje MKBESK101019 EDTE Edinstvo Tetovo MKEDTE101014 FERS Fersped Skopje MKFERS101018 GRNT Granit Skopje MKGRNT101015 INHO Internesnal Hotels AD Skopje MKINHO101010 KJUBI KJUBI Makedonija Skopje MKKJUB101010 KMB Komercijalna banka Skopje MKKMBS101019 MPT Makpetrol Skopje MKMPTS101014 MTUR Makedonijaturist Skopje MKMTUR101018 RADE Rade Koncar Skopje MKRADE101010 REPL Replek Skopje MKREPL101013 RMDEN03 R.
The power station was built by a Yugoslavian firm M/s Rade Koncar at a cost of Rs.
Ace Antevski from Rade Koncar says the workload of his company, which services power transformers, has been declining as a result of the political crisis and the concerns of their foreign partners.
Rade Koncar was one of the first companies that used a portion of the money from the EIB for new investments.
Since we have no credit repayment problems, we would like to take another credit for a new investment project," says Vladanka Trajkoska, financial director at Rade Koncar.
Vanco Madzov from the firm Rade Koncar that exports to Iran has problems collecting its claims and has therefore called on the government to help all exporters unable to collect claims for delivered goods.
The first thing that foreign partners ask of us is to give them products made by internationally recognized standards and secondly to prove it with certificates," says Velibor Ivanovski from Rade Koncar.
However, Vanco Mad-zov, foreign trade director at Rade Koncar -- Con-tractors, says that orders from their partners climbed down because of the crisis in Ukraine.
According to Goran Antevski, director of Rade Koncar, cutting customs rates is going to drive down the price of Rade Koncar's finished products being sold on the home market and exported as well.
The company manufacturing transformers, generators and engines, Rade Koncar, is going to start talks soon with the automobile giant Fiat in Serbia.