Radetzky, Joseph, Graf Radetzky de Radetz

Radetzky or Radetzki, Joseph, Graf Radetzky de Radetz

(yō`zĕf rädĕt`skē gräf rädĕt`skē də rä`dĕts), 1766–1858, Austrian field marshal. In the war of 1848–49 against Sardinia (see RisorgimentoRisorgimento
[Ital.,=resurgence], in 19th-century Italian history, period of cultural nationalism and of political activism, leading to unification of Italy. Roots of the Risorgimento
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) he won the brilliant victories of Custozza (1848) and Novara (1849). He was governor of Upper Italy (1849–57). Johann Strauss (the elder) composed the famous Radetzky March in his honor.
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