Radiant-heated floors

Radiant-heated floors

Heating spaces using radiant energy that is emitted from a heat source. There are three types of radiant floor heat: air; electrical; and hot water (hydronic).


A system in which air is the heat-carrying medium.


A system that consists of electric cables built into the floor, usually made of concrete.


A popular and cost-effective choice that pumps heated water from a boiler through tubing underneath the floor. In some systems, the temperature in each room is controlled by regulating the flow of hot water through each tubing loop.
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Modern baths feature floor-to-ceiling ceramic tile, radiant-heated floors, custom vanities, Toto toilets, tub and walk-in shower.
Blu Homes made this architectural icon even more green (all models are LEED certifiable) and technologically advanced--a solar-thermal water heater, radiant-heated floors. It's also easier to build: Framed with recycled steel, each room is assembled in a state-of-the-art factory before it's buttoned up and trucked to the building site.
For heating, I prefer radiant-heated floors, which distribute heat by piping hot water through the flooring.
Bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling ceramic tile, radiant-heated floors, custom vanities and premium fixtures by Grohe and Kohler.
The master baths featured granite floors and marble walls, radiant-heated floors, Kohler fixtures and tubs, wall-mounted vanities, and steam showers in bathrooms with separate shower stalls.