Radio Engineering and Electronics, Institute of

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Radio Engineering and Electronics, Institute of


(full name, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), a scientific research institute that conducts studies in radio physics, radio engineering, and electronics.

The institute was founded in Moscow in 1953. The scientists who helped organize the institute and who have actively participated in its work include academicians A. I. Berg, B. A. Vve-denskii, N. D. Deviatkov, and Iu. B. Kobzarev and corresponding members D. V. Zernov, A. A. Pistol’kors, and V. I. Siforov. Academician V. A. Kotel’nikov has headed the institute since 1954.

The institute studies the problems of propagation of electromagnetic oscillations in various media and wave-guide systems and the problems of radio astronomy, space research, statistical radio physics, the discrimination of signals from interference, physical electronics, the physics of semiconductors and dielectrics, and quantum radio physics. The institute has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1969).


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