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radio set

[′rād·ē·ō ‚set]
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Radio Set


a set of equipment for the transmission and/or reception of information by means of radio waves. Depending on the function, a radio set may be classified as a transmitting set (for example, a unit in a radio transmission center), a receiving set, or a radio transmitter-receiver.

The basic equipment in a transmitting set includes a radio transmitter, an antenna, a connecting feeder, and a power supply. The basic equipment in a receiving set includes a radio receiver, an antenna, a feeder, and a power supply. In addition, a transmitting set may have equipment for reproducing information to be transmitted from a storage medium, such as magnetic tape, and a receiving set may have equipment for recording the received signals or for converting the signals into sound or a visual image.

Radio sets are also classified according to the nature of the service in which they are used, whether permanently or temporarily. Thus, radio sets may be employed in fixed service (communications between established points), mobile service (communications between mobile and fixed points or between mobile points), broadcasting service, or radio-navigation service.


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I feel excited when I acquire a radio set. I dean it, explore it, and look for its internal configuration among my books in order to make it work again.
Conrad's boss at Westinghouse quickly saw the potential to make money by building and selling radio sets. He proposed setting up a radio station and transmitter to broadcast the results of the upcoming presidential election.
Coastguard chiefs advise sea-goers to make sure they have VHF marine radio sets should they need to call for help.
Crosley named the radio set "Harko." Simple to pronounce and easy to remember, the name came from the old English word "hark," which means "listen."
NET Contractors are on-site continuing to train the operation of the EPLRS radio set.
In Gainesville, Georgia, the police chief doesn't need a mobile radio set on his desk to get the answer to that question.
It turned out that the hijackers were preparing for this attack since they left a radio set at the scene that had been used to communicate with each other before the robbery," the police said.
Those weapons that were recovered are 1 AK 47 rifle, 2 Pistols,1 rifle, 3 12 bore rifles,1 KG Explosive Russian Marking, 2 KG unidentified explosive,40 Detonators,3 RPG's,43 Hand Grenades,19 UBGL Ammunition,608 rounds of AK 47,940 7.2mm rounds, 6 9mm rounds,13 AK 47 Magazines,1 9mm Magazine,1 Radio set and 1 Binocular.
SECRET NOTES Currency is hidden inside a vinyl record STAR McQueen SWEPT AWAY Ordinary broom covered up radio set AN ACE UP THEIR SLEEVE A map concealed in cards CHOCS AWAY Sweets hid clothes dye STAR McQueen
I CAN REMEMBER the day, when I was just tall enough to see the top of the kitchen table, that my father patiently assembled a crystal radio set: a shoebox, the tube out of a toilet roll, wound with copper wire, a few bakelite knobs and the whiff of melting solder.
2 LEFT SHOULDER/ BREAST: Special radio set: The secure 390 mega hertz algorithm military set is part of a hyper-secure radio network, highly encrypted and known as 'Airwave
NET Contractors are on-site continuing to train the operation of the EPLRS radio set. A newly improved version of the EPLRS Network Control Station was fielded to the Florida National Guard and the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Alaska.